– Canadian –

Our company was established in Vancouver on March 16th 2017.
We are born and raised in beautiful British Columbia.
Our goal is to connect individuals who share the same passion for baking
and create an inspiring community. This website is great
for those who are both beginners and advanced in baking.


– Community –

We’ve created the perfect website for individuals to create
their own profiles, create recipes, and interact with others
who share the same passion. You can comment, like and share
you’re favourite recipes. Feel free to reach out to
other users to get the best tips that they can offer.


– Easy To Use –

This website offers a very user friendly interaction making it easier
for the user to search up recipes. Our unique feature offers
users to select the ingredients they currently have
and it will generate all the baked-good recipes that they can make.
Users can also add recipes to their shopping list, so that they remember
what to buy the next time they’re shopping for inspiration.